Lately I have begun to wonder why I had picked the books I have chosen to read, above all the thousands of books being sold. What exactly is it that motivates us book buying people to buy the books we do? Clever marketing? Recommendations? I offer five reasons you are reading the book you currently are.


Of all the things that motivate me to read a book I have reduced this list to the following five.

1: Reviews from credible sources.

This is probably a big one for most people. You hear about it on blog you check often to see what the writer feels is and influential book. Friend or relative's recommendations also count big. If a friend or sibling who knows my tastes recommends a book, I am very likely to check it out. Reviews in magazines and glowing reviews on websites also weigh in heavily. Amazon reviews are a choice, however you need to take those review with a grain of salt.

2: The cover or dust jacket write up intrigues be to think the book has to be interesting.

I'm sorry, but I am a very visual person and just cannot avoid picking up and inspecting a book with a very unique cover. That being said, I will then open the front cover and read the dust jacket and back cover to see if this author can just get me to make the purchase.

3: Staying power.

By this I mean that the book is more than the hot thing right now. The book has been on everyones must read list for months now.The curiosity will make me make the purchase to see what all the hub-bub is about..

4: The writer’s previous work.

There are few things as good at marketing a book as the last book by that author. Let's face it if you just loved an author's last book, I will bet you dollars to donuts that the latest release will not disappoint. Heck, this is how we pick most of the music we listen to - why not a book?

5 The fear of missing out and not being in the know when at a party or dinner.

I think this is a stronger driver of book sales than many of us would care to admit. It is certainly the reason I have read a number of books, I wanted t see what all the fuss was about AND I wanted to be part of the group of people who read them and loved them. It is human nature to want to be part of something, it is in our culture, and we all have a fear of being left out.

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